PNSA Masters

We are the Pacific Northwest Ski Association Masters Division.

Welcome to the 2015 – 2016 season!

Welcome to Masters Ski Racing

Check out the video to your right and get out there for a race.

Latest News

PNSA Masters

Summit West GS Race to be rescheduled in April. 

Details Here

Completed Projects:
– USSA Masters Competition Guide is updated
– 2015-2016 Masters race schedule is updated
– 2015-2016 National Speed Series race schedule is updated
– www. updated for PNSA 2015-2016
– Weekly and Bi-weekly FB updates
– redesigned and updated with opening page listing the 2015-2016 race schedule
– PNSA July Convention in Hood River – Ann and Rob attended
-PNSA Athletic Competition Committee (Oct) – Report submitted to ACC chairman

Projects Underway:
– complete update
– began transfer of data to “masters” section of website
– review 501(c)3 status options
– increasing Masters participation ( coaches, parents of junior racers, recreational skiers)

New News:
– Masters can get a daily temporary competition license for $15.00/day
– USSA Coaches can earn 1/4pt per race/ per year toward continuing education requirements. 1/2 point over two years
– Coaches can race Masters events under USSA Coaching license
– Masters have a 1 year grace period to comply with FIS helmet requirements (if your fore-running a race that requires FIS helmets for a competitor, you need one also).
– 46 Masters attended a race camp in Chili, 42 Masters raced in the South American Masters Cup

National Committee:
– several National Committee conference calls completed. Next one Nov. 2nd.
– large effort focused on recruitment and retention of membership. We ask all members to invite someone to training or an event. Be a mentor as it is our future!
– developing new National SL Shootout for 2016-2017. We need a sponsor in the $2000-$3000 range. Similar format to the National Speed series.
– event press release developed and standardized for all divisions. PNSA program directors, head coaches, etc., should look at this easy to use format for their clubs. Contact Rob Cravens for pdf.

PNSA Masters Coordinators:

-Race/Event Schedules -Knut Oberg
-Bibs and Temp. Memberships – Carolyn Phillips
-Facebook (PNSA Masters) – Karen Killian
-New Members/PNSA logo gear – Peter Christian
-Ski Race Reg – Ann Ozuna
-Website design/webmaster – Luke Keenan
-Member at Large – Jim Doudna
-Awards and Après – Please step up!!!!!! Your chance at fame!
-PNSA Masters division chair – Rob Cravens

Please thank the members above, each contributes a vital portion of our clubs’ leadership. We are in need for someone to step-up and lead the Awards and Après programs.

Contact Rob with questions or for more information.

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