Welcome to the 2013-2014 season! 

Leaves are turning, mornings are crisp, news of ski movies, ski swaps and racer nights fills your inbox. The PNSA schedule is currently up at www.skiracereg.com . Log in and update your credit card and personal info now so when you are ready to sign up for your first race of the year, your account is ready for you.  Races are not open for registration yet as we are waiting for prices and specifics from the organizers. We are fortunate to have 4 Molecule F Super G races in the northwest, and more Super G races at Stevens and Bend, early and late in the year. 

It’s time to renew your USSA membership by October 15th to avoid the late penalty. Please put your current email address in when you renew. If you are not racing as a junior too, you get a masters license, not an alpine competitors.  You will be able to buy two temporary licenses this year – but why stop at just 2 race weekends? Get credit for the cost of your temp licenses toward a season long license or just take the plunge now. A winter-load of fun and competition with friends awaits! 

If you are going to the SG and SL FIS races at Park City in February, you will need to obtain or renew a FIS competition license with USSA prior to the race. Registration for these races will be on www.skiracereg.com this winter.

In addition to the official schedule, the folks at Bend are inviting Masters Racers to race 2GS and 1SG in Masters classes just ahead of the junior racers at the Russ Read Memorial Race December 20-22. Information and sign up is at www.mbsef.org website. No skiracereg.com registration for Bend races this year.

Race organizers – send in your flyers or website links as soon as they are available.See you on the hill!

Ann Ozuna
Masters Chair

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